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3 Perfect Ways to Ask 3 Different Types of BFFs to be Your Bridesmaids

1. The Emotional Friend

This friend, regardless of how long she has been your friend, gets extremely emotional about everything. You mean the world to her, and she is constantly letting you know. She laughs easily, cries easily, and shows up at your place easily.

And you love her for it.

This card will have her in tears before she even gets to the inside:


2. The Hilarious Friend

This friend has a knack for splitting your sides. Every moment with her has the potential to end in stomach-aching laughter. There is never a dull moment with her, and you want the moment you ask her to stand with you to be no different.

This card is for her:


3. The Girly Friend

She has been in a committed relationship with pastels since high school. If it glitters, she gets it. She surrounds herself with things that are adorable, cute, and beautiful (like you, which she surely let's you know from time to time).

This card is for her:

(Note: this card can also be ordered specifically for the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor)

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