Exciting Things to Know about a Gel Manicure

Come what may, no one can ever separate a woman from beauty. Women are born to be beautiful. They have the right to spend as much as they want to look more beautiful than ever. Gel manicure is one such procedure that every woman would like to have. Nothing can be more beautiful than an attractive woman posing with her wonderfully manicured OPI gel polish kit.

Here are some exciting things that every woman should know about gel manicures.

First things first, what are gel nails?

Gel manicures consist of a coating of colored gels that look similar to nail polishes. The prime quality of a gel manicure is that it is glossy and virtually indestructible. Compared to the lacquer, gel polish comprises more potent ingredients that better grasp the nails and are robust enough to withstand the daily wear and tear without breaking or chipping off. Curing a gel polish job under a UV or LED lamp makes it more durable.

How do you apply gel nails?

Similar to acrylic nails, you need an overlay to lengthen your nails. Generally, salon professionals apply a form underneath the natural nail to extend it. Subsequently, they apply structure gel all over from the tip of the nail to the cuticle. Finally, the curing job ensures that the gel dries. You can then apply the gel polish layer by layer and cure it accordingly. In many ways, it is like a regular manicure.

How long do they last?

It depends on the quality of the gel polish you use. A high-quality polish, like the OPI gel and lacquer combo, will easily last for three to four weeks. Besides, you need not be perturbed about chipping. You can continue with all your regular activities without any issues.

How much does it cost?

Here, we come to the point. It depends on the quality of the gel manicure you like. However, a gel polish job can drill a hole in your purse. On average, gel polish manicure can cost around $35 in the US. If you wish to have a celebrity-style manicure like Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus, you should have more than a hundred bucks in your purse.

Choose the ideal gel polish for your nails

As you have decided to go for a gel polish, it should be in the fitness of things you select the best nail polish. OPI Gel and matching lacquer is one such recommendation. However, you should go through the ingredient list to ensure there are no toxic substances, like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene. The dangers of these three compounds are that they have carcinogenic properties that could lead to diseases like cancer.

Hydrate your nails

Gel nails can impact blood flow to the nails as they do not allow the nails to breathe. It also affects the oxygenation and disrupts the nail’s natural growth. Therefore, one should drink plenty of fluids. It is beneficial for the nails. You can also apply cuticle oil and good-quality moisturizer on the nails to hydrate them and keep them healthy.

Gel polish can weaken your nails

Any nail manicure is an artificial process. It can always disrupt the natural process of nail growth.

Gel polish can cause the thinning and weakening of nails. At times, they can also cause discoloration. Therefore, it is essential to take breaks from nail manicure frequently.

If possible, avoid exposure to UV radiation

Salons and UV lamps are inseparable. They are necessary for curing gel polish, but UV rays have a notorious history of being harmful to our skin. Today, you have an excellent alternative to LED curing. Almost all the top salons use LED curing. However, if you prefer UV curing, it is advisable to apply sunscreen with high SPF before exposing your nails to the rays.

Give your hot showers, sauna, and jacuzzi a break

Hot water is a dreaded enemy of gel polish. Therefore, please do not expose your nails to hot water in the form of a shower, sauna, or jacuzzi. If you cannot let go of these luxuries, wear latex or rubber gloves to protect your nails.

Scraping of the nail polish is a big NO

Suppose you have plans to scrape your nail polish off after a couple of weeks; remove such thoughts from your mind. The best alternative is to visit a salon for removal. You can also use acetone for removing nail polish. Scraping it can lead to chipping of the nails. It could take more than a year to get cured.

Give a break between two successive manicures

A break of a fortnight between two manicures allows the nails to recuperate and regain its natural look. Pamper your nails with massage oil and use moisturizing creams and balms. However, ensure to use the best products.


We have cleared almost every misconception on gel nails. Ensure that you use quality products like OPI gel and lacquer to get the best OPI gel lacquer.