How to Apply SNS Nail Dipping Powder

Are you considering buying SNS dipping powder? If the answer is yes, then this SNS nail dipping powder tutorial is exclusively for you. Here we will cover all the basics, however, this tutorial is also useful for our advanced users. If you are a nail stylist, you can also benefit from this tutorial, especially if this is your first time offering an SNS nail dipping powder manicure to your clients.

How to Apply SNS Nail Dipping Powder

Also, suppose you want to try an SNS dipping powder manicure at home. In that case, you will find the SNS nail dipping powder an amazing alternative to acrylic nails. Also, if you want long-lasting, glossy, and shiny nails that are not OPI gel nails, you should buy SNS dipping powder for a healthier nail bed.

Without further ado, let us dip straight into our brief guide of SNS dipping powder application. And similar to any other manicure, you need to start with proper sanitization.

How to Apply SNS Nail Dipping Powder

Step 1: Build an Apex

To build an apex of the nail, you must use one layer of the SNS nail base. To remove any bubbles on the brush, make sure to brush across the bottle. You will want both sides of the brush smooth and nice. Once your brush is all set, go all in, drop the excess of the SNS nail base on your nail, and start coating it.

To ensure a stronger bond, you must apply the SNS nail base evenly. While applying the base, cover about ¾ of your nail surface. By doing so you will create a strong foundation. Subsequently, dip your nail into the jar containing the SNS natural set.

Make sure to brush off any access!

Step 2: Apply Some Color

Suppose you choose the SNS nail dip color of Gelous space. You will want to dip your nails in the luminous color. After the first application of the colorful SNS nail dipping powder, proceed to dust off your nails. Also, make sure to dust under your nails as well.

Now it is time for the second coat of SNS nail dipping powder. Apply the SNS nail base and dip nails in the powder color. Tap off or brush off the access. Go for a third-time application of the SNS nail dipping colored powder.

Make sure that the SNS base is applied 2mm away from your cuticles. Dip your nails in the SNS natural set powder. Dust off excess powder from under and over your nails.

Step 3: Apply Natural Set Shear

Now let us move on to the application of one layer of natural set shear. By applying this additional layer, we will protect the color during the filing process. Don’t forget to brush off any remaining powder before applying a thin coat of SNS Gelous base. Then dip your nails into the SNS natural set shear.

After completing this process, make sure to dust below and above the nails to avoid any specs.

Step 4: Apply Sealer Dry

By applying the SNS sealer dry, you bind the product onto your nails to ensure that the manicure lasts longer and that you can enjoy glossier, shinier, sturdy, and brittle-free nails. Once your nails have completely dried out, you can start the nail filing and shaping process.

As the application process of the SNS nail dipping powder, the filing process of the nails is as crucial. We recommend using the awesome 100/ 180 files and buffers from SNS. While filing and buffing your nails, make sure to go around your cuticles as well as sidewalks.

The reason is that by filing and buffing your nails, heat is generated, which is essential for the binding of the product. Since the SNS nail dipping powder is relatively easy to file, you can instigate a light touch during the use of a hand file.

Step 5: Finishing Steps

After you have shaped, filed, buffed, and dusted your nails, it is time to apply the SNS sealer dry. Afterward, rinse and dry your hands. However, refrain from using soap. Now it is time to apply a thin layer of SNS gel top while moving the brush from left to right.

Clean the brush and go for another layer of the SNS gel top. This time, you will apply the brush from left to right and from right to middle. Allow your nails to dry for two minutes. Lastly, apply a few drops of cuticle oil on your cuticles and use a good hand crème for a luxurious touch and feel.


SNS dipping nails manicure is unique in different ways. Unlike gel and acrylic nails, the SNS nail dipping powder doesn’t compromise the health of your nails. Besides, it also generates exceptional beauty. With proper after-care, you can make the SNS nail dipping powder manicure last for more than two weeks. The odor-free application also saves your nails from getting chipped.