How to Get The Best Nail Acrylic Powder Manicure?

One of the prime requisites for having the best quality manicure is to have sufficiently long nails that allow the nail polish to show through all other cosmetic enhancements. So, is there a cause for worry if you do not have long nails? You are at a disadvantage, but you can have artificial nails and match those with long nails. So, here comes acrylic nail powder that, when combined with a suitable monomer liquid, can help create excellent artificial nails.

How to Get The Best Nail Acrylic Powder Manicure?

Let us now see how to choose the best acrylic nail powder to get high-quality acrylic dip nails using the most popular nail acrylic powder colors.

The Points One Should Consider When Choosing The Best Acrylic Nail Powder

Check the powder quality

First, let us see what acrylic powder is. Acrylic powder is a fine polymer that combines with a monomer liquid to create artificial nails. So, one should choose an acrylic powder that is strong as well as flexible. The best acrylic powder is one that hardens into solid acrylic. Almost all nail acrylic powders are similar, but it is better if you go for quality nail acrylic powder colors that are durable and attractive at the same time. So, the ideal acrylic powder is of high-quality, beautiful color, and the easiest to use.

Check the powder ingredients

Checking the powder ingredients before agreeing to an acrylic nail manicure is crucial. The primary ingredient in acrylic powder is PMMA (Poly ethyl methyl methacrylate) which is created by combining MMA (methyl methacrylate) and EMA (ethyl methacrylate). When PMMA combines with a monomer liquid, it forms a rigid resin.

The US FDA has banned the use of MMA in nail acrylic powders. However, the cheap nail acrylic manufacturers still use MMA. So, it is advisable to check the powder ingredients to ensure there is no MMA.

Choose the best nail acrylic powder colors

You have an extensive choice of nail acrylic powder colors. However, it is advisable to choose the color that suits your skin tone. If you select the wrong tone, the entire nail manicure can go wrong. Besides, it is also crucial to dress up for the occasion. Hence, your acrylic dip nails should suit the occasion and attire. Other factors to note include the fashion trend and the season.

Now you have chosen the ideal acrylic powder for your nails. Let us now see how to apply acrylic powder to your nails.

The Acrylic Nail Manicure Process

The first part of every nail manicure process is the preparation aspect. You should prepare the nail surface well for the manicure. The method includes cutting your nails and filing them into shape. Buff the nail surface and clean it to allow the acrylic nail powder and the basecoat to stick to it. You have to decide whether you need a nail tip or have the dip powder directly on the natural nail.

Apply the bond and the primer to the nail bed. It prevents the lifting of the dip powder application. Once you choose the nails acrylic powder, you have to shake the bottle well and roll it to allow the powder ingredients to mix well.

Dip a clean brush into the monomer to soak in the liquid. Next, gently slide the brush against the sides of the cup to wipe the excess monomer. Thus, the brush tip gets saturated with the liquid. Now, dip the brush tip into the powder and gather sufficient powder to apply to the entire nail.

Allow the bead to appear glossy before you place it on the nail. Work with the bead a millimeter away from the cuticles and move gently towards the edges. Use the brush’s body to apply the acrylic and spread it across the entire nail. You can add more monomer if required to ensure a smooth application.

Allow the acrylic dip nails to dry completely under a fan. You can tap the end of the brush on the nail surface to get a clicking sound. It indicates that the acrylic application has dried completely.

You can hand-file the sides and the edges to smooth them out. Finally, the topcoat application on the nail surface ensures a glossy or a matte finish, depending on your preferences.

Why do you use the monomer with acrylic powder?

The chemical reaction between the polymer powder and the liquid monomer results in the formation of acrylic powder.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed how to get good acrylic dip nails. We have also seen how to select the ideal acrylic dip powder by choosing the colors and verifying the ingredients. It should not be a challenge to get your favorite acrylic nails. The best aspect of acrylic nails is that they are the most durable manicures.