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Dealing With Decision Overload: Advice For The Newly Engaged


There's a new piece of jewelry on your finger and the surreal feeling that you're actually engaged is starting to sink in. Soon you're going to see your family and friends for the first time after saying "yes" and inevitably, the conversation will turn to logistics:

Have you picked a date? What venues are you considering? What are your bridesmaids going to wear? Who will be the flower girl? What song will you dance to for your first dance? 

All the questions will make you realize that you have a lot of decisions to make.

It won't take long for your head to start spinning and for decision overload to set in. It's not hard to get overwhelmed by a thousand options for a thousand different facets of your big day.

Take a deep breath and relax. 

Here are two pieces of advice to help keep decision overload from crashing your engagement party.

1.) Decide which decisions are truly urgent (you will be surprised how short this list is), and focus on only those.

You're going to feel the need to start figuring everything out all at once. And that's ok. It's only natural.  Flowers and bridesmaid dress colors and music and food and should you wear a veil and should you invite distant relatives you never see will all bubble up when starting your wedding planning journey. 

Do yourself a favor: don't worry about any of this in the beginning. Ask yourself what things are actually time-sensitive and make a short list of the most important 2-5 items.

From our experience, this list will most likely include:

  • Book a wedding site and reception venue and set the date
  • Start preparing the guest list and wedding party list
  • Discuss a wedding budget so there are clear expectations during the rest of your planning process
  • Book any food or entertainment must-haves who you know get booked far in advance

Identify your personal urgent decisions, and focus entirely on those. Once those are squared away, then you can move onto everything else.

2. If you start feeling stressed about any decision you are presented with, try replacing the stress with excitement.

Remind yourself what you're actually doing (planning the happiest day of your life) and let that fact alone get you excited. Hard decisions aren't quite so stressful when you are in an excited state of mind about having to make them.

Whatever decision you're trying to figure out, take a moment to be excited about getting to make it in the first place, then start comparing options and working things out. You want to make the decisions that happy-you would make, not that stressed-you would make.

How have you coped with the overwhelm that comes along with being newly engaged? Let us know in the comments below!

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